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September 23 2012

September 19 2012

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September 15 2012

June 24 2012

We'll start with the riding crop.
Tags: Brave pixar
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Touch the Sky - "Brave"
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Where Childhood Unfolds
Tags: Brave pixar
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May 15 2012

Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird A’ Chuain by Julie Fowlis

English translation:

My Love Is On the High Seas

On a quiet evening at the beginning of May
When the bat was in the skies
I heard a tearful young maiden
Singing beneath the shadow of the green branches
The sun was setting in the sea
And no stars yet graced the sky
When the young girl sang sorrowfully
"My love is on the high seas"

The night's dew began to fall
Each bloom yielding softly to the droplets
The wind blew in a fragrant breeze
Bringing life and renewal to each field
The girl tunefully sang her song
Quiet and peaceful like the June dew
And this chorus constantly repeated
"My love is on the high seas"

Day darkened and the stars shone

Setting their course amongst the clouds
The maiden sat, burdened by her sadness
Her singing could not have been more soothing
I moved closer to the young woman
Singing of her love sailing on the sea
Oh sweet was her sad lament
"My love is on the high seas"

The music enticed me

Nearer to the brown-haired maiden of the warm eyes
And she prayed to the King of Heaven
"Protect my love on the high seas"
Her heart was breaking with love
When I took her by the hand
"Wipe your eyes, your love is safe
I have returned to you from the high seas."
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March 04 2012

January 22 2012

I'm an angel, you ass!
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January 03 2012

When you have to study everything else suddenly seems so much more interesting...

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August 23 2011

July 10 2011

Wall-E by Alex Meyer
Tags: pixar ads Wall-E
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July 07 2011

#it’s like a cross between Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston
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May 26 2011

When Andy and I used to go the movies, he would always try to guess the ending of the movie. And he would always guess that the main character had been dead the whole time. Even when we saw Ratatouille.
— Ann in "The Stakeout" 2x02
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May 21 2011

May 18 2011

0439 abcc
Hmm... Date of the Judgment Day (which is 21th May, according to this) is exactly one day after Supernatural season finale....

Just sayin'.

May 12 2011

The Public is in Danger! My evening's in Danger!
Tags: pixar gif
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May 11 2011

3774 d213
Be a man!
We must be swift as the coursing river
With all the force of a great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!
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