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May 27 2011

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April 16 2011

She's my winner
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March 24 2011

I did work in a bakery for one day, but the boss went off and when he came back I was lying down eating cakes
— Noel Fielding
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March 14 2011

You can’t run away from our love, Noel.
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March 12 2011

What a shame that he didn't win....

March 10 2011

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March 06 2011

Russell Brand: Have you done a rape?
Noel Fielding: Well if I did I would leave the scene of the crime like this… 
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March 04 2011

"I like clothes and make-up, I like the transformation… But a lot of men had problems. It’s one of those strange things. A man will go, ‘You fucking queer.’ And you just think, ‘Well, your girlfriend fancies me.’"

— Noel Fielding
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March 03 2011

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February 28 2011

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February 27 2011

February 26 2011

That awkward moment you realize that Noel Fielding makes a more attractive female than you.
Sally In The Sky With Diamonds
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February 22 2011

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