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March 11 2013

Preface to the book “I Tempi di Roma” (Edizioni Bolis, Italy, 2000) written by Henri Cartier-Bresson. It reads: Time runs and flows and only our death can stop it. The photograph is a guillotine blade that seizes one dazzling instant in eternity.
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March 06 2013

#my mom has a CD of french classical music and in the back of the booklet it has this little collection of phrases and the pronunciation guide is the worst thing i've ever seen
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January 30 2013

October 21 2012

October 20 2012

—How strange: her voice, which I knew so well, and which is said to be the very texture of memory (“the dear inflection…”), I no longer hear.
Like a localized deafness…
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—”Never again, never again!”
—And yet there’s a contradiction: “never again” isn’t eternal, since you yourself will die one day.
“Never again” is the expression of an immortal.
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Diary entry of Roland Barthes  

It reads:

Struck by the abstract nature of absence; yet it’s so painful, lacerating. Which allows me to understand abstraction somewhat better: it is absence and pain, the pain of absence—perhaps therefore love?

After his mother died, Barthes grappled with the complexities of grief, loss, and mourning by writing fragments on more than 300 index cards. The cards were eventually published as Mourning Diary.

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September 10 2012

Un Peu D’espoir - Joyce Jonathan

September 05 2012

Serge Gainsbourg - La noyée

June 09 2012

Les Champs-Elysées, Joe Dassin


May 31 2012

April 13 2012

Letter from Picasso to Gertrude Stein
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April 01 2012

Text by Edmond Jabès with illustration by Antoni Tàpies
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La Mer, Charles Trénet


March 31 2012

February 26 2012

February 16 2012

France: ten
France: twenty
France: thirty
France: forty
France: fifty
France: sixty
France: sixty ten
World: France what are you do—
France: four twenties
World: France stop it
France: four twenties ten
World: France that doesn't even make any sense
France: hundred.
He doesn't like food, but he likes tits and sand
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February 10 2012

hanging above my desk, haunting me since my last visit in Paris....
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