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February 20 2013

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You what some? Shame.
Tags: it's_silver
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February 14 2013

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No (fortunately).
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Tags: it's_silver
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Brilliant! Very nice to meet you.
Tags: it's_silver
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February 11 2013

February 07 2013

I love last-minute cramming! And being stressed out. Only in these moments I can feel I'm alive.
A big shout-out to exams!

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February 03 2013

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I know he is supposed to be a bad guy but I can't help liking him. I think Mordred tried his best to be a righteous man. He just ended as a tool of destiny.
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Hell yes! ^^
Tags: it's_silver

January 31 2013

January 30 2013

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It's a bit pathetic to have a fever without actually being sick.
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For me tea is elementary.
Tags: it's_silver
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