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December 31 2012

December 30 2012

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December 26 2012

Thanks for the happiest year ever, BBC.






Faith seems such a perfect thing
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December 21 2012

#Um, clearly you guys got your facts wrong. The world doesn't end until the year 5,000,000,000. It was on the second episode of Doctor Who, don't tell me you skipped Nine.

Scarf of Cumbersaurus. Rawr.
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December 04 2012

November 02 2012

October 30 2012

#Simple is best when it comes to creepy pumpkins.
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October 29 2012

@margotblue, "the giraffe" way ;)
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October 27 2012

4554 3faf
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October 20 2012

Neil Gaiman's second Doctor Who episode will appear this season after all!

Neil Gaiman has previously revealed that he is working on another Doctor Who episode, it wasn't 100% clear the episode would actually be made this season, if only because Gaiman's first effort "The Doctor's Wife" was planned for season five but had to be bumped due to its insane budgetary and logistical requirements. Well, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine now confirms that his episode will indeed be the twelfth of this current season (not counting the 2012 Christmas Special as  part of that tally). Moreover, Steven Moffat is writing episodes six and thirteen, Luther creator Neil Cross is doing episodes seven and nine, longtime Doctor Who and Sherlock writer and guest star Mark Gatiss is handling episodes eight and ten, and "The Curse of the Black Spot" writer Stephen Thompson is doing episode ten. That ordering would tend to suggest the standalone approach will carry over from the first half of the series, since nobody is writing consecutive episodes, although I'm guessing the episodes will interconnect in fiendishly Moffat types of ways.

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October 12 2012

September 26 2012

See you after...
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“Can you stop being stupid?”
“Er, no. Never. I’m never, ever going to stop being stupid!”
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Through the looking glass, Amelia.

Time is a good place to travel
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September 23 2012

#The Doctor’s biggest foe
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