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February 09 2013

February 04 2013

#One day I will stop being unreasonably scared of Dante… but today is not that day.
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Macbeth IV.iii

#The first time I ever cried reading Shakespeare it wasn’t because of the words, but because of this silence. It’s right after Macduff learns that his family has been slaughtered.

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Hamlet, from Hamlet I.ii
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January 30 2013

January 26 2013

More death scenes, a continuation of this series. Lady Macbeth, Ophelia, and Antigonus (of “Exit pursued by a bear” fame). 

Time is a good place to travel
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January 05 2013

#Some of the more famous mortal-coil-shuffling-offings from Shakespeare. I made some of these a while ago, but a couple are new. 

Time is a good place to travel
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October 30 2012

Hamlet, William Shakespeare.
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September 22 2012

#Sue Perkins summarizes Shakespeare 
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September 14 2012

July 30 2012

"I have immortal longings in me."
William Shakespeare
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July 01 2012

Mine eyes are full of tears, I cannot see:
And yet salt water blinds them not so much
But they can see a sort of traitors here.
Nay, if I turn mine eyes upon myself,
I find myself a traitor with the rest;
For I have given here my soul’s consent
To undeck the pompous body of a king;
Made glory base and sovereignty a slave,
Proud majesty a subject, state a peasant.

Richard II: Act IV, scene I

Time is a good place to travel
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"And nothing can we call our own but death"

Richard II
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June 13 2012

And yet Shakespeare was himself well ahead of his time in being among other things, committed vegetarian. He even consider renaming "Hamlet"- "Omelette".
The Unbelievable Truth - Series 2 Episode 4
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May 15 2012

May 09 2012

April 01 2012

William Shakespeare, Hamlet
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March 14 2012

"Men at some time are masters of their fates:"
William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
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