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December 17 2012

“Spider, Spider, burning bright, in the forest of the night.” That was the surprisingly measured response of the poet Cyril Blakey on discovering that his 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider had been stolen by joyriders and torched at Epping Forest.
Rhod Gilbert, The Unbelievable Truth S06E03

October 25 2012

David: Hijinks could be like a harmless game of charades, or it could be, like, group sex.
: I'm never going to one of your parties, ever again!
...Why, do you hate charades?
The Unbelievable Truth
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Rufus: The word 'rain' has no anagrams.
David: Yeah, Chris.
Chris: Yeah, it has no anagr-
David: Iran. Move on.
The Unbelievable Truth
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Ah, who doesn’t like a flood? It’s like a swimming pool that surprises you.
David Mitchell, The Unbelievable Truth, 1x05
David Mitchell: I'm just going to ask Lucy a question that's not part of the program.
Clive Anderson: Oh, right! Shall we all leave the room while you do that?
David: Yes, please.
Lucy Porter: Yes, I will! I've always wanted you to ask me!
David: Have you missed a bit?
Lucy: Yes, I have. I was just going to go back and do it. I've asterisked it.
David: You've asterisked it; you're going to go back and do it; that's fine. Right. So that's it, everyone, sorry.
Lucy: That wasn't the question I was hoping for.
David: Well, I mean, a lot of people think I'm going to be more romantic than I actually turn out to be.
Lucy: Yeah, if the most romantic thing you've ever said to a girl is, "Have you missed a bit?"
David: Yeah.
Lucy: I'll go-- I'll go back and--
Chris Addison: You have gone slightly red, actually, David.
Lucy: I've spoken some truth.
David: All the terrible, terrible memories. Carry on.
Lucy: OK.
David: I'm just going to-- I may not say anything for a while.
The Unbelievable Truth
When I was a little boy, I aspired to look like a robot.
David Mitchell, The Unbelievable Truth 
"We do hope that you are mentally undressing us at home."
David Mitchell, The Unbelievable Truth, 6x02
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October 21 2012

“Now it’s the turn of John Finnemore. You may recognize John’s voice from the hit Radio Four comedy Cabin Pressure, in which he plays the character of airline steward Arthur Shappey, a nervy, unreliable, but ultimately lovable idiot, John also writes the show.”
David Mitchell, introducing John Finnemore (The Unbelievable Truth S09E02)
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September 25 2012

I may be a horrible man, but it’s important that horrible men should be in charge of tiny quizzes, because it reminds you that sometimes horrible men could be in charge of more important things.
David Mitchell
I haven’t read my Wikipedia entry since I was banned from editing it myself.
Alan Davies
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We turn now to Susan Calman. Susan used to be a lawyer and says the legal profession is far worse than the comedy world when it comes to sexism — which is very sweet and brave of her to say.
David Mitchell, introducing Susan Calman (The Unbelievable Truth S09E06)
In eastern Europe in the 1800’s, drinking the blood of a bat whilst pregnant was said to make your unborn child powerful and wise. Unlike its parent.
Danielle Ward
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Foxes are actually vegetarian, but when a fox goes into a hen house, the chickens go crazy and start tearing each other to shreds despite the best efforts of the fox to calm them down.

Alan Davies in The Unbelievable Truth
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June 13 2012

And yet Shakespeare was himself well ahead of his time in being among other things, committed vegetarian. He even consider renaming "Hamlet"- "Omelette".
The Unbelievable Truth - Series 2 Episode 4
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February 21 2011

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