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September 21 2012

Stephen Fry: You can get some points back if you know how many humans have walked on the moon.
Alan Davies and Dara O'Briain: Twelve.
Stephen Fry: Absolutely! You both said it simultaneously and you both get five points.
Alan Davies: Difference is: I guessed.
YouTube - QI s04e07 / Series D Episode 7 Prt 3 of 3
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Moab is My Washpot by Stephen Fry
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September 16 2012

#Nothing like a small herd of Stephen Frys to brighten up anyones day
Might make you smile :)
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For What It's Worth
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September 15 2012

September 11 2012

September 08 2012

The New Adventures of Stephen Fry
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September 04 2012

#Favourite people in favourite suits: Messrs Gatiss, Fry and Cumberbatch.

#Oh no  #My creepiness is starting to show on this tumblr too  #Unreasonable love for people I've never met. 

July 10 2012

#Posing for pictures in 1989.
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“I will apologise for faithlessness, neglect, deceit, cruelty, unkindness, vanity and meanness, but I will not apologise for the urgings of my genitals nor, most certainly, will I ever apologise for the urgings of my heart. I may regret those urgings, rue them deeply and occasionally damn, blast and wish them to hell, but apologise — no: not where they do no harm. A culture that demands people apologise for something that is not their fault: that is as good a definition of a tyranny as I can think of.” 
Stephen Fry
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July 01 2012

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