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January 20 2013

#John Finnemore is my favourite human
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December 01 2012

Fuck Yeah John Finnemore!
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October 21 2012

I think his face should be on jam jars and milk cartons. So that when we get up in the morning, we can all look at his face, and it’ll brighten us all up, won’t it? Brighten up your morning with some jam and milk, and while you’re having your jam and milk, look at John Finnemore’s face!
The announcer on BBC iplayer
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“Now it’s the turn of John Finnemore. You may recognize John’s voice from the hit Radio Four comedy Cabin Pressure, in which he plays the character of airline steward Arthur Shappey, a nervy, unreliable, but ultimately lovable idiot, John also writes the show.”
David Mitchell, introducing John Finnemore (The Unbelievable Truth S09E02)
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John Finnemore [x]
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September 22 2012

#A+ human being
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March 08 2012

Well, spring is in the air, the snowdrops are gambolling in the meadows, the lambs are thrusting their little noses up through the earth, and the rabbits… I don’t know what the rabbits are doing. Something springish. Cleaning, maybe.
John Finnemore
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February 25 2012

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