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February 22 2013

"The six-part series begins with an hour-long episode at 6pm on Saturday 16 March on Radio 4 and continues with five 30-minute instalments stripped across the week on Radio 4 Extra from Monday 18 March."
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November 29 2012


#This just arrived in my inbox. They are recording the Neverwhere Radio series right this moment.

Best cast. Best adapter-director. Best everything. AND I AM NOT EVEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS THEM.

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November 05 2012

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February 13 2012

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December 26 2011

December 13 2011

November 20 2011

November 04 2011

September 20 2011

September 05 2011

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August 07 2011

5822 ca42
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July 07 2011

Atonement, 2007
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July 03 2011

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July 01 2011

Interviewer: “So, there’s going to be a sequel? It’s confirmed right now?”

James McAvoy: “Uh. I am confirming that I will be placing my fifty dollars share into the budget right now. And if Fox want to meet me and take up the other, like, two hundred million then that’s cool. But, I’m in.” 
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