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October 28 2011

Terrifying Fact Number Two, is that I’ve just watched Matt Smith carrying a flaming torch on screen. Oh, it’s for such a thrilling scene in Episode 12. Really and truly, magnificent and epic. A proper movie moment. But never mind that, it’s Matt carrying a FLAMING TORCH. Look, Matt’s lovely, he’s a magnificent, brand new, hilarious, heartbreaking, heroic Doctor — but the fact is, if that man walks into a room with a coffee then it’s only so long before you’re wearing it. No, really, clumsiest man on earth. He walks like he’s in a constant state of surprise at his own limbs. I remember when he turned up at a Worldwide meeting really early on, and the first thing he did was spill a cup of coffee over a rather lovely woman. Naturally she giggled, flushed and introduced her mother. (Ahh, life when you’re Matt ! I accidentally made eye contact with the same woman — she phoned the police and shot me in the face.) On the way out he apologised to a completely different woman for the coffee incident. “That was the wrong woman,” I said, as he went out the doors. “Nope,” he replied, “That was the second cup.”

Oh, and there was the top secret, very special, extra readthrough for Episode 10 (I’m talking that up, but what the hell) and Matt came striding in with a GUITAR ON HIS BACK. I have honestly never seen a whole roomful of people flatten themselves against a wall with such a high-pitched squeal of terror. Except Karen, of course, who trotted along behind him without a care in the world. Oh, the horror as the Doctor spun and chatted and coffeed a series of delighted women. How that guitar arced and scythed! Swish! Get down, Karen! Swish! Karen, save yourself! Swish! Not her face, Matt, NOT HER FACE!! Ah, the memories. You know, to this day I’m not sure if Matt knew he had a guitar on his back — he might just have collided with a musician.
Steven Moffat, DWM Production Notes
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September 18 2011


Moffat! What the hell! First Sherlock, now Doctor Who...!
Are you kidding me?!
How long do you think I can tolerate your whims?
You are not superior, Steven!

And what about my feelings...? Did you even make this effort and think how hard it will be for me?

I thought we were friends...

I'm really disappointed in you, Steven. I really am.

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June 12 2011

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June 07 2011

On the set of Sherlock:

Moffat: Hey Mark, I have an idea for Sherlock!

Gatiss: Okay, let’s hear it.

Moffat: Well, you know The Hound Of The Baskervilles?

Gatiss: Yeah…

Moffat: The hound should kill..

Gatiss: Oh Ste-

Moffat: No, hear me out, this is a rather unique death.

Gatiss: I know wh-

Moffat: Rory should get eaten.

Gatiss: But this isn’t Doct-

Moffat: Kill Rory.

Gatiss: Bu-

Moffat: Kill him.

Sally In The Sky With Diamonds
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May 26 2011

May 18 2011

May 15 2011

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May 09 2011

April 29 2011

April 04 2011

"He walks like he’s in a constant state of surprise at his own limbs."

-Steven Moffat on Matt Smith

Basically, yes:

Sally In The Sky With Diamonds
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March 31 2011

March 10 2011

December 30 2010

“You take this cold, remarkable, difficult, dangerous, borderline psychopath man, and you wonder what might have happened to him had he not met his best friend, a friend that no one would have put him with – this solid, dependable, brave, big-hearted war hero. I think people fall in love, not with Sherlock Holmes or with Dr. Watson, but with their friendship. I think it is the most famous friendship in fiction, without a doubt.” - Steven Moffat

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December 07 2010

November 29 2010

“Well, it’s a bizarre story the whole thing…” Steven begins. “We were so far down the road with a completely different look. Costumes had been made, fittings done, we were heading towards the first photocall - mere days before the first day of filming. We had a different look altogether, a bit more piratey, big long coats and all that stuff - and Matt hated it all, so we knew we were in trouble. He hated everything. On the last day - in the last half an hour of the last day we could make this decision - he asked if he could try this jacket. I think it was his, this old tweedy jacket with elbow patches. So he put that on, and he liked that, he liked his tweed jacket and his elbow patches. Then he said, ‘Could I try braces?’ So he put the braces on, and I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s not bad.’ It wasn’t spectacular, it was just okay.

“And then he said, ‘Can I have a bow tie? And I said, ‘Absolutely no. Under no circumstances are we having a bow tie! It’s retro, outdated, ridiculous, it’s a pantomime idea of what Doctor Who is like. We are not having a bow tie!’  But Piers said, ‘Just let him try it with the bow tie.’ So we stuck a bow tie on him and it just looked fantastic. Instantly! And you could tell that he, for the first time since the costume fitting started, was leaping around the room pretending his pen was a sonic screwdriver, and absolutely believing it! Beth [Willis, the third executive producer] had popped out for a while, so we got her back and I thought, well, ‘Surely we’ve just gone mad, so let’s see if Beth thinks this looks okay.’ She came back in and she loved it. Girls sometimes just smack you round the head and say ‘No, you can’t wear that, it’s ridiculous!’ But she didn’t - she loved it, too! And that’s the reason I signed off on it that day. I mean, he’s a clothes horse, Matt, he looks good in anything. But he just stood there in the other costumes chewing his lip and looking miserable. When he wore the bow tie and the braces and the tweedy jacket he was honestly jumping around the room with his pen going ‘Fzzzt!’ being Doctor Who. I still have the photographs on my iPhone. Here is the previous costume. Look at his face! Look how miserable he is.”

[Quote from The Moff’s DWM interview]
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November 08 2010

October 04 2010

September 29 2010

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