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September 25 2012

I haven’t read my Wikipedia entry since I was banned from editing it myself.
Alan Davies
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Foxes are actually vegetarian, but when a fox goes into a hen house, the chickens go crazy and start tearing each other to shreds despite the best efforts of the fox to calm them down.

Alan Davies in The Unbelievable Truth
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September 22 2012

Stephen Fry: What have I hypnotized? Do you know?
Alan Davies: Hugh Laurie.
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September 21 2012

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Stephen Fry: You can get some points back if you know how many humans have walked on the moon.
Alan Davies and Dara O'Briain: Twelve.
Stephen Fry: Absolutely! You both said it simultaneously and you both get five points.
Alan Davies: Difference is: I guessed.
YouTube - QI s04e07 / Series D Episode 7 Prt 3 of 3
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Alan on him and Stephen on QI
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#quite interesting

#more like quite amazing

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September 16 2012

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June 07 2012

Stephen Fry: What is the issue with Machine guns.
Alan Davies: They kill you dead. Dead, Stephen, dead.
Fuck Yeah Stephen Fry
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Stephen Fry: Six year olds, I mean, probably cry 70 or 80 times a day.
Phill Jupitus: 70 or 80 times? ...What does Uncle Stephen do?
Stephen Fry: ... I try to teach them Latin.
Alan Davies: 'Not the British Museum again!'
Phill Jupitus: 'I don't like foie gras!'
Alan Davies: 'This is Prosecco and this is real champagne.' [mimics crying]
Some sort of armchair detective
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March 22 2012

December 10 2011

July 27 2011

Michael Jackson got his inspiration from Jeffrey Daniel, a member of Shalamar. Does that mean anything?

Get ready tonight

Gonna make this a night to remember

Get ready (Oh, baby) tonight

Gonna make this a night to remember

Da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da


 Oh, why did I say that?

Sally In The Sky With Diamonds
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May 27 2011

Stephen Fry: And we start tonight with Alan’s favourite subject, actually, which is the Ancient Greeks.
Alan Davies: Oh fuck.
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[On the likelihood of the human race being wiped out by an enormous asteroid.]
Alan Davies: Where would you like it to land? I’d like it to land in…
Stephen Fry: Wherever it lands, it’s like hundreds and hundreds of atom bombs, it’s going to destroy everybody.
Alan Davies: Yorkshire.
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May 23 2011

[What is the loudest thing in the ocean?] 
Alan Davies: Crabs! 
Stephen Fry: No, not quite crabs. 
Alan Davies: Lobsters! Crayfish! [starts snapping his hands like crab claws] 
Jo Brand: Is it some sort of vibrating thing?
Stephen Fry: Well, no, you’re doing exactly— what Alan is doing is exactly right. 
Alan Davies: [still snapping his hands] What I am doing is exactly right! 
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