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January 23 2012

‘Give me one more miracle, Sherlock.’


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January 21 2012

All lives end. All hearts are broken."

"Caring is not an advantage."

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September 18 2011

September 10 2011

June 01 2011

Heartbreaking Hedgehog Story of the Day: Betty the bald hedgehog developed a mysterious skin condition that has caused her to lose her spines. Without her spines, six-week-old Betty is defenseless against predators and can’t keep herself warm during the winter months.

Worst of all, her smooth body has made her too self-conscious to associate with other hedgehogs.

“She’s healthy, but it’s sad,” Tonia Garner of the Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue is quoted as saying. “She lives alone in an enclosure indoors. We hope the spines will come back so she has a normal life.”


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May 20 2011

#You know you’re watching a really special tv show when you hope the main characters die at the end of the series so they can finally enjoy themselves
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May 18 2011

May 15 2011

I’m still just Castiel
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May 12 2011

Dean: Look, next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family. You are like a brother to me. So, if I’m asking you not to do something…you got to trust me, man.
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May 11 2011

#my heart hurts because of that look on his face #so freakin proud that he’s gotten something right and akl;jaslkfjsdghkfjld;gs
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May 07 2011


Amy: “Doctor? Are you out there? Can you hear me? Doctor? Oh, come on Doctor, please. Please Doctor, just get me out of this.” 

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May 02 2011

That’s what interests me about The Doctor because, actually, look at the blood on the man’s hands. 900 years, countless very selfish choices, and he’s literally blown planets up. His own race, you know, that’s all on his hands. Which is why I think he has to make silly jokes and wear a fez. Because if he didn’t, he’d hang himself.
Matt Smith
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August 17 2010

It's okay...
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